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Welcome to Sainted Media we are an award winning digital publisher based in Scotland. We create family friendly books and apps for a global community. We create beautiful digital books with animations, movies, short films and games for the whole family to enjoy.


Monica Pink Pet Shrink was recently featured on BBC Radio Scotland!

BBC Monica PinkAnna Welander
00:00 / 02:48

Monica Pink is an extremely inquisitive young girl. She really, really loves pets and she wants to help them sort out their problems. After a tragic family accident, Monica is sent to see Dr Dickson the school 'shrink' but he is not just her shrink, he is also her archenemy.  Monica uses what she learns in her therapy sessions to help her work out the problematic pets that she encounters. Soon though Monica's own problems become so big that she has no choice but to run away to the circus.

Written by Frances O'Neill

Illustrated by Xiaoyi Hu 

Audio book by Gabriel Quigley

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