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Every morning Andrew sets sail on a fishing boat with his brother, father and grandfather, hauling nets full of fish, leaping from jetties to boats and boats to rocks. Always moving and often in trouble, he loves to play jokes and have fun.


But as he grows up Andrew wonders how he might make the world a better place. One day he is deeply moved by the story of Jesus. Inspired, he begins to speak about Jesus to ordinary people with such fire and passion that they travel great distances to hear him speak. Soon after, Andrew is chosen as the first apostle of Jesus and witnesses astonishing miracles. After the crucifixion, Andrew bravely takes Jesus’ message of hope to many countries, despite facing terrible cruelty and persecution. Years after he dies, his bones are taken by ship on a long sea journey and washed up on the coast of Scotland after a violent storm.

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Saint Andrew
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Listen to Neil Oliver narrate the Saint Andrew audio book!

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Saint Andrew Animation - voiced by Neil Oliver

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