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Monica Pink is an extremely inquisitive young girl. She really, really loves pets and she wants to help them sort out their problems. After a tragic family accident, Monica is sent to see Dr Dickson the school 'shrink' but he is not just her shrink, he is also her archenemy.  Monica uses what she learns in her therapy sessions to help her work out the problematic pets that she encounters. Soon though Monica's own problems become so big that she has no choice but to run away to the circus.

Written by Frances O'Neill, Illustrated by Xiaoyi Hu

BBC Radio Scotland features Monica PinkAnna Welander
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Film Awards:

  • Kuki International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany  winner, Best Children's Short Film

  • Beijing International Film Festival Audience Award

  • Southern Appalachian International Film Festival  

  • Best Comedy

  • 55th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 

  • UNICEF UK Short Film Award


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MPPS Book cover.jpg

Narrated by Gabriel Quigley

Monica Pink TV series outline

Monica Pink Pet Shrink is a children’s comedy series that looks at the intricacies of human and animal behaviour as seen through the eyes of two oddball 9 year old kids. Monica Pink and her best friend William Strange are really good at investigating and analysing pet behaviour but they can find human behaviour perplexing.

The series uses humour and pet problems to teach children some basic psychological concepts which will equip them with coping strategies for the expected and unexpected events in their lives.

Each episode will feature a pet with problems and the pet’s psychological issues will be reflected in the stories of the people in Monica’s world. Denial, Fear, Repressed Anger, Dominance and Confidence Issues are just some of the subjects covered in this children’s comedy series.

Monica Pink Pet Shrink Feature Film Script

MPPS Book cover.jpg

Developed through Creative Scotland 

Accelerator Programme

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Моника Пинкk


MPPS Book cover.jpg
MPPS Book cover.jpg


Written by Frances O'Neill, Illustrated by Evelyn Hu, voiced by Gabriel Quigley.

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