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Award-winning children's books and apps

Welcome to Sainted Media we are an award winning digital publisher. We create family friendly books and apps for a global community. We create beautiful digital products for the whole family to enjoy.

This Beautifully illustrated book tells the story
of St Patrick. Captured by pirates and sold into slavery as a boy, he spent six long years herding sheep in Ireland. He walked several hundred miles to the coast to escape from slavery. He returned many years later as a priest and brought Christianity to the island for the first time.

Saint Patrick

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St. Patricks

Saint Andrew

Every morning Andrew sets sail on a fishing boat with
his brother, father and grandfather, hauling nets full
of fish, leaping from jetties to boats and boats to rocks. Andrew is chosen as the first apostle of Jesus.
Story by Patrick Small illustrations by Mara Aum and narrated by Neil Oliver.

Follow the delightful tale of a boy who grew up in the age of chivalry, who loved the songs of troubadours and the deeds of brave knights. Then came a moment that changed his life forever. The story by Patrick Small, illustrated by Mara Aum.

Saint Francis of Assisi


Saint Joan Of Ark

Nothing in Joan’s early life or upbringing would have led anyone believe that she would be a teenage warrior and an international symbol of grace under fire.

Monica Pink is an extremely inquisitive young girl. She really loves pets and she wants to help them sort out their problems.  Monica uses what she learns in her therapy sessions to help her work out the problematic pets that she encounters. Illustrations by Mara Aum

Monica Pink, Pet Shrink

An orphaned teenage girl steals a ship while on a sailing trip in Scotland with other disadvantaged youngsters
in order to search for the mythical treasure of Odysseus -
a search her lost father began but failed to complete. Illustrated by Mara Aum.

Susan Seafarer

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